peel and yolks until the network is useful . Even as a baby under 1 year old should be able to access the menu to do it .

What the rich.
crust is made up of 90% calcium carbonate .

Daily dull copper , iron , manganese , phosphorus , sulfur, zinc, and is rich in substances such as silicon and molybdenum .

With what is useful .
Become A Muscle Builder

    Russian scientist ground egg shell in the regulation of metabolism has been developed on the benefits of effective health care system .
    Strengthens the heart and muscles of the eye shell .
    Stomach pain, asthma, arthritis , bone injuries , especially useful when there is a receipt .
    Composition similar to the composition of the egg shell , bone and tooth , teeth , nails, and therefore recommended its adoption slowed down .


    • Cocoa shell eggs, adding wine to drink with natural crushed stones in the kidneys and urinary bladder .

    The peel should be used in pregnant women , especially in their diet . If you use such as rickets in children 1 year of age will be taken to prevent the disease .

How prepared ?
Just peel the egg has therapeutic effect . Wash with soap under warm water, eggs , whites and yolks in a bowl , pour and rinse thoroughly . Hulls dry 2-3 hours ( not in a warm place , or under the sun , because the sun's rays will destroy the calcium in the bark ) .
Infants can be disinfected in boiling water for 5 minutes for the shells . These shells are less effective , but more will be sterile .

Should you drop into the powder -like crust grind .
Powder blue glass bowl from the fact that the effect of the lost. Powder , cottage cheese , porridge and foods fit into accept .

Dose .

1,5-1 grams per day , depending on age , such as ground egg shell to accept ( an egg shell 3,5-5 g ) . Children from the age of 6 in powder - 1 at the tip of the blade , from 1 to 2 times as much as 3 years old can .

Tips .

Egg shell powder with a few drops of lemon juice to it before accepting the dust reacts with juicy will help even more powerful effect .

You can also mix it with cranberry juice powder .

Dust the top of the citrus fruit and apple juice you can drink .

The shell of the egg before going to bed at night, given that the digestion of calcium recommended to accept .


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